Coding Part I and II Enrichment

Welcome to Keep Coding Part I and Part II

Enrichment Classes


Period 1 - A  & B Day-Semesters 1 & 2

7th & 8th Grade Students 

 Mrs. D. Sadlier - MTA Lab
During a typical school year we offer coding classes during Period 1.

Coding Part I  - A Day

We are using the Tynker Program for coding in this introductory course. Tynker is a program that over 20 million students use worldwide. Tynker is a way to learn coding using the visual and very logical Blockly language.  Blockly is like using Lego pieces that fit together to create a program.  Mrs. Sadlier will go over each lesson with students, and they will apply concepts in the DIY projects.  Since this is web-based, students can even code at home.  Our coding students are also creating their own webpage/portfolio with Google Sites to showcase their coding projects.  We also will experiment with new apps, extensions, websites and all things tech. to learn more about computer science.


Our Coding Lessons/Projects Include: 

Mouse Follows Mouse

Fidget Spinner

Character Dance Party

Old School Games 

Greeting Cards

Mad Libs 

Timelines in History

Comic Strips for a Cause

Parrot Drone to Fly

And More!


Coding Part II - B Day 

Students will learn the basics of JavaScript syntax with Tynker, Khan Academy and other coding programs.  Lessons will include programming modules  and DIY projects.  Students will showcase their work in their Coding Part II Portfolio website.  

 Our Coding Lessons/Projects/Topics Include: 



*Drawings - shapes, colors, variables - Project - Snowman

*Animations with Functions, Operators and Shortcuts- Projects - Car, Exploding Sun, Ball

*Mouse Follows Mouse with Functions- Project Mouse Movement Mania

*Math Expressions- Project Animal Attack

*Text and Strings - Project Ad Design

*Movement - Pattern Maker

*Conditional Logic- Project Storm Path

and more!

*A block-based coding course (Keep Coding Part I) is suggested as a prerequisite.


Why Learn Coding?

Starting in 2014, Memorial School participated in the Hour of Code each December.  Students came to the technology labs and coded with their math classes.  Thousands of students worldwide participated in this event.  It was such a huge success that our Memorial students requested a coding course.  Coding or programming is a very important skill that we rely on for many aspects of our lives.  Many educators are saying it is the "new literacy."  According to International Business Times, over the next 10 years, it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs in the computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them.  Who knows -you may develop the next new exciting app!

For more about this, please click Reasons to learn coding.


We are pleased to announce that Medford Memorial is participated in the Hour of Code again in January of 2020. 


Coding Fun


Holiday Card with Scratch


Learn More About Coding

Coding Padlet - Games 




Coding Examples Video


Coding Example Game Video 


Challenge -  Click the challenge if you would like to try coding in Python.



 "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."  Steve Jobs




Parents - Summer of 2020- Coding and Tech. Camps- in South Jersey

*Summer Coding Camp - Rowan in Mt. Laurel, NJ -

*Summer Coding Camp - JCC -  Tech. Camps at the JCC 

*Summer Code A Thon - Free - Online with Tynker.

*Please encourage your student to practice coding at home with their Tynker account.