Keys to Success

Success in Science


Science is an active class that involves more than just memorizing vocabulary words.  We ask questions to drive our own learning forward and solve problems. Our class is a hands-on, minds-on collaborative scientific community.  Science is about making connections and applying the concepts we learn to the real world.  In order to have a successful year, students will need to be an active participant in their own learning.  The following are suggestions to help each student get the most out of eighth grade science.

  1. Write your homework in your agenda.
  2. Come to class prepared (for hybrid/remote learning, your charged Chromebook, earbuds, and a section in your general binder is all you will need.)
  3. Ask questions and ask for help. 
  4. Stay organized.
  5. Pay attention in class.
  6. Follow directions.
  7. Read carefully.
  8. Participate actively in every discussion and investigation!
  1. Review science material for 5 – 10 minutes every night. 
  2. Set a specific time and area to complete your homework and study.
  3. “Get active” with the material by making your own study tools (see below for various suggestions).
  4. Use your resources (Ms. DeHaan’s website, agenda, journal, Google Classroom, class Quizlet, etc.)
  5. Attend extra help.
  1. Complete all of your assignments to the best of your ability.
  2. Look back at the lesson focus question, continue to revise your initial response with newly learned content.
  3. Summarize each investigation - what was the purpose of the investigation?  How does the reading(s) and new vocab fit in to this investigation?  How does this investigation connect to the lesson focus question?
  4. Look back at the lesson objectives, turn them into study questions.
  5. Make study tools to be active with the content.
    1. Notecards, foldables or your own Quizlet for vocab
    2. Study guide (ideas - outline the lesson, make graphic organizers or flow charts)
    3. Make your own test/quiz
    4. Have someone quiz you on vocab and your study guide
  6. Practice with Ms. DeHaan’s Quizlet sets

Don’t be afraid to stop by and ask Ms. DeHaan questions...