Welcome to 8-3 Language Arts

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Welcome to Ms. Freidel's class.


I look forward to working with the 8-3 students and parents this year.

Please email me with any questions or concerns you have about 8-3 English Language Arts.

Please note that my last name does not follow the ei/ie rule. Make sure you type it correctly for email and Google Meet. 

Get ready to have a fun year! 

  • Charged Chromebook
  • A place for language arts such as a binder section, notebook, folder, or small binder; it's your choice. You just need a place to keep some paper notes and a place to write when we're not using Chromebooks.
  • Some lined paper
  • A pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Earbuds or headphones that can be used with your Chromebook.
  • Independent Reading book (starting mid-September)

Welcome to 8th Grade: Orientation

Reading & Writing Connected Unit of Study: Deepening Comprehension & Literary Essay

Writing Unit of Study: Narrative Elements of Voice

Reading & Writing Connected  Unit of Study: 

Literature Circles- Topics of Social Injustice

Embedded in Every Unit:

  • Reading of Informational Text
  • Rules of Standard Written English
  • Root Study
  • Independent Reading
  • Building Writing Stamina

The Achievement Grade

  • Major Assessments: 55% (tests, projects, big writing assignments)
  • Minor Assessments: 30% (in-class writing assignments/activities, shorter reading assessments, quizzes)
  • Classwork: 15% (quick-checks, assessments that can fit onto an index card)

 Note: All assessments and classwork need to be completed.  A zero is not allowed.

The Accountability Grade

Independent Reading: 25% (written assignments and conferences, evidence of reading)

Preparation/Participation: 25% (in-class and at-home assignments like Quizizz and participation in class or at Meets,      having needed materials)

Homework/Classwork Completion: 50% (timely submission of Google Classroom assignments and written work)
Re-do assignments and assessments are available and encouraged upon request. Extra help and extra work are part of the deal, but the new grade will count.