Welcome to Team 7-2 Language Arts!

I'm so happy to have you in my class!  We are going to have an exciting year together completing interesting units of study such as short story, literary essay, nonfiction/research, realistic fiction writing, and literature circles.  These units of study will help us to analyze literature and to advance our reading, writing, and grammar skills.  I can't wait to get to know you and work with you this year!
     This will be my 20th year teaching 7th grade Language Arts at Memorial, and I love it just as much now as when I started! Memorial is truly a family, and my classroom is my second home (somehow I have been able to keep the same classroom all this time!). Middle school is my passion, and I majored in middle school education with a focus on both language arts and social studies at Asbury College (Bachelor's of Education, 2002). I went on to Walden University to study literacy and learning in the content areas (Master's of Education, 2009). I absolutely LOVE school as you can see!
     In my spare time, I enjoy reading, particularly dystopia, fantasy, and sci-fi novels. My summer reading has consisted mainly of the Shadow and Bone series by Leigh Bardugo. When I'm not reading, my husband, daughter, and I like to play board and card games. I am also well-versed in Disney shows and movies having a 8-year-old, although my favorite choices are Marvel movies!


  1. Earbuds or headphones.
  2. Section of a binder.
  3. Pack of multi-colored highlighters.
  4. Pens preferred (any color).
  5. One or more packs of standard size Post-its. Multiple packs in different colors are welcome for color-coding (optional).


50%-  Major Assessments- Tests, quizzes, unit projects, published writing pieces. 

35%-  Minor assessments- may include but are not limited to group work products, reading/writing assignments, extended practices, etc.

15%- Classwork- vocabulary work, independent reading checks, grammar work, etc.


50%- Homework- The assignments are expected to be completed on time and with care. Some assignments are checked for completion, and some will be collected for review. Failure to complete the assignments may also affect your Achievement grade as the work will be designed to assist you with skills and concepts we are working on in class or continue working on an assignment we started in class.

50%- Preparation- Have materials with you each day; write down homework; complete study guides; turn assignments in on time; be ready to discuss what we are working on in class.

Code of Conduct


Be respectful by keeping hands/feet to yourself. Be respectful of the property of others by not taking or writing on something that is not yours. Think about the impact of your words before speaking.


Respond to others using kind words. Help each other.


Tell the truth rather than pass the blame.  Refrain from cheating. 


Be prepared, attentive, and on task.  


Keep trying even when things are difficult or frustrating. Ask for help.


Remember that your actions affect others. Behave in a way that allows everyone in the class to focus and learn.



-Teacher/student conference.

-Move seat/lose a privilege.

-Parent/guardian contact.

-Administrative referral.