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¿Quién soy yo?
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I have been teaching Spanish since 2008. This teaching job in Medford was my first out of college and I’m still here 12 years later! I am a lifelong resident of the Audubon/Mount Ephraim, NJ community. I have attended and earned different degrees from Lock Haven University of PA, Wilmington University, and Rowan University. I have four children, Alexis (15), Jade (3) and James & Axe (6 months). My husband’s name is Ryan. Fun fact - He is Mexican, but adopted, so he never learned any Spanish!

I have  a passion for language and world culture and can't wait to share it with you.  I have visited several different Spanish-speaking countries including Mexico, Spain & Costa Rica. I lived in Spain for a year when I was in college! Don’t worry… I’ll tell you all about it!

​I am excited to teach you (in any format) this year and share my love of language and culture! I also have a big goal of expressing the importance and value of learning a language. I hope that by the end of our class time together that you’ll share some of my enthusiasm for learning languages!

Memorial's Exploratory/Related Arts classes are on a rotating schedule. Each marking period you begin a new class. The marking periods/quarters last about 9-10 weeks. On your student schedule and in Genesis, the marking periods/quarters are listed as:
F1 - Marking Period/Quarter 1     9/8/20 - 11/16/20
F2 - Marking Period/Quarter 2    11/17/20 - 2/1/21
F4 - Marking Period/Quarter 3     2/2/21 - 4/14/21 
F5 - Marking Period/Quarter 4     4/15/21 - 6/22/21 
Please join only ONE Google Classroom per marking period/quarter. 
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with this Library of Books to Enjoy!!
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