Welcome to the Haines-Memorial Band

Year Joined Memorial Staff: 2003

Undergraduate School: West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Degree: B.S. Music Education

Graduate School: University of Phoenix

Degree: MAEd Administration & Supervision

Graduate School: University of Phoenix


Degree: MA Curriculum and Instruction


Graduate School: Walden University

Degree: Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership, ABD

Graduate Schools: University of the Arts, Berklee School of Music

Degrees: Continuing Education Classes in Music 

Clubs/Activities Advising:

7/8 Concert Band, 7/8 Jazz Band, 7/8 Pep Band, 6th Concert Band, 6th Jazz Band,

6/7/8 Instrumental Music lessons, Musical Pit Orchestra

Favorite Part of Teaching in Medford:

The students! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to take what I have learned as a student growing up in the Medford Township School District and make music with THE BEST students in the world!


 My child doesn’t know what instrument they want to play. How should we select one?

Your child’s elementary music teacher should have provided your child with an overview of the instruments to help them with this decision. Please have your child come see me and we will work together to determine the best instrument for your child.

How are beginner instruments selected?

The following instruments are the “standard” instruments in a beginning band program: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion. Many musicians start with one of these instruments on the list and progress later to other instruments.

Can my child take lessons on an instrument not on the list?

If your child is just starting to play an instrument, lessons are offered for flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. However, if they are currently taking private lessons on another concert band instrument not listed, we will attempt to schedule these instruments into the lesson groups. Depending upon the schedule, they may be scheduled with an instrument with similar features. Please note that guitar and piano are not concert band instruments. 

Where do we get the instrument?

Most students rent instruments through Music & Arts Center. Rental forms are available in the band room and in the Main Office at Haines.

What about percussion?

Students should rent the PLK (Percussion Learning Kit) that includes: Bells/mallets and Snare Drum or Practice Pad with sticks. The first part of the year will be spent learning to read music and using only the bells. Eventally, we will phase in the snare drum/practice pad (and other concert percussion instruments supplied by the school) for lessons.

What else do we need besides an instrument? Are there additional costs?

Additionally, your child will need the Essential Elements 2000 or Essential Elements for Band music book (Black and Yellow Cover) for their instrument and folding music stand (for home). Some instruments require replacement parts such as reeds, valve/slide oil, or sticks which would be another (minimal) expense.

What if my child doesn’t like the instrument once they start playing?

To be successful at anything requires time, commitment, and practice. We encourage students to commit to trying an instrument for at least the first semester. Any decisions to make a change should be in consultation with Mr. Sheffer (director), Mrs. Reid (guidance) and your parents.

How do I return a rented instrument?

All returns must be made to the Music and Arts store in Marlton. Students should not leave their instrument at school and assume that it will automatically be returned to Music and Arts.


When do lessons start?

Lesson will begin in September. A current list of lesson groups was distributed at Back to School Night and is posted outside the band room. To assure student safety and security, lesson groups are not posted on the website. This information will also be distributed to the students, parents (at Back to School Night), teachers, and is posted on my teacher webpage.

When are lessons scheduled?

Lessons are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Periods 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  These are mostly academic periods (exploratory, math, language arts literacy, science and social studies).  Lessons are for 25 minutes and students miss approximately ½ of a class period for their lesson. The lesson groups rotate so students do not miss the same class each week.

 Additional make-up times can be scheduled during student lunches (as necessary). If your child is having difficulties, please have them take advantage of this extra time with Mr. Sheffer.

Do students have to make up work from when they are in lessons?

Yes, students may have some work to catch-up on from being at lessons. The teachers are helpful in accomplishing this without a challenge. If students have a test, quiz, or review for a test, they will be excused from their lesson for that week. Students need to communicate this with Mr. Sheffer so the proper exemption may be noted in the grade book.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 25 minutes in length.

Are they private lessons?

No. Band lessons are small group lessons. Students are grouped by their level of experience on their instruments.

Can my child switch groups?

Yes. If a student is progressing quickly, they could easily move from a beginning group to an intermediate group or an intermediate group to and advanced group. Any decisions to switch groups will be made in conjunction with the student, parents, and Mr. Sheffer.


Do students have to be in band if they take lessons?

Yes.  Students will be scheduled for band during the second semester. Learning to play in a section and as part of the group is an essential part of learning to play an instrument.

Is it too late to sign up for band? How do I sign my child up for band?

Please complete the Panther Band registration form and Interest Inventory for Challenge and Enrichment (found in the main office) and we’ll do the rest!

Do students have to “try-out” for band?

No. All students scheduled for lessons will be in the band.

When does band start?

Band will begin in October. 

When is band scheduled?

Band is scheduled during the Enrichment Period on “B” days. This period operates on a rotating “A day” “B day” schedule.

Will there be a Sixth Grade Jazz Band?

Yes! We will have auditions in January and Jazz Band will be on “A” Days during 9th period for the second semester.

Are lessons and band graded?

Band does receive a grade and will be on your child’s report card. The grade is not based on talent as much as it is determined by dependability, effort and participation.  Lesson attendance is factored into the band grade as well however; lessons do not receive their own specific grade on the report card.

Will there be a Concert?

Yes! There will be a winter concert and a spring performance/Fine Arts Night. Participation is factored into the overall band grade.  If your child has a conflict with the concert date that cannot be avoided, please discuss it with Mr. Sheffer and an alternative assignment may be completed and factored into your grade.

Does the band get to perform at any time other than the concert?

There have been occasions where our band has performed outside of school for various community and sporting events. In the past, we have performed for the Philadelphia Phillies, Lakewood BlueClaws, Camden Riversharks, Philadelphia Wing Lax, New Jersey Devils Hockey, and other various community events. These events may be scheduled during the year upon request from outside groups and approval by administration.

Students in all Instrumental Music classes receive letter grades just as they do in their other academic subjects. Grading for our Instrumental Music classes is as follows:

25% Weekly Lesson Attendance

25 % Class Participation

50% Winter and Spring Concert Performances/School Assemblies/Festivals