Mr. Karwacki



Grading – Achievement




Percentage (%)

Major Assessments

Tests and Projects


Minor Assessments




Classroom Activities, Exit Slips, Reflection Questions, etc.  



Grading – Accountability




Percentage (%)


Reading questions, entrance tickets, etc.

50 %

Preparation & Participation

Supplies for class, completion of assignments, group/individual work, contributions, cooperation with teachers and students, behavior

50 %


***The students will be informed of which category each assignment is placed under when they are given that assignment.  

***All students will be given a 100% in the Preparation & Participation category at the beginning of the marking period.  A 5 - point deduction will be given for each infraction.  If a student is caught cheating on an assignment a 25 - point deduction will be given in this category.


Retaking a Test/Quiz


Students will be permitted to retake selected quizzes/tests throughout the year.  Mr. Karwacki will notify the class if they are permitted to retake the quiz/test.  Students must sign-up for a retake within 2 days of receiving their grade.  


 Late Work


All students are required to complete their work by the due date/time that is assigned.  There will be no credit (0%) given for homework that is handed in late.  


Students will not be permitted to go to the main office during class time in order to retrieve assignments or materials.  Any trip to the main office must be done on your own time before your class period begins.


Makeup Work


When a student misses a class period they must check with Mr. Karwacki when they return for missed assignments.  If a student is absent they will be given the same number of days that they were absent to make-up their work (one day absent = one day to make up a missed assignment, two days absent = two days to make up a missed assignment, etc.).  It is the student’s responsibility to see me for any work that they have missed. 




Students must bring the following material to class each day:





colored pencils

folder or binder for science class only

loose-leaf paper





During Class


While class is in session each student is to work only on the assignment that is given to them in science class.  If a student is caught working on an assignment from another class they will be given a zero for the assignment and any work that we do that day in class.  If a student is caught completing a science assignment in another class they will be given a zero for that assignment.


Extra Credit


Extra credit may be given during the course of the year. 



Extra Help


An in-class review will take place before a majority of tests/quizzes. Additional extra help is available upon student request.





Each student has 2 minutes to get to their next class.  If the student does not get to class within that time disciplinary action will be taken.





Students will not be issued a textbook.  A classroom set of textbooks will be available for student use.  





Students must follow the guidelines set forth by the Memorial Middle School student handbook. 


Contact Information


Mr. Karwacki


Phone – 609-654-7707 ext. 8223


Email –