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General Information About Our Social Studies Classroom
Students will need a charged chrome book. Students also have the option to bring in pen/paper to the classroom. Our textbook this year is United States History : American Stories. Students will receive digital access to the textbook within the first few days of school; there is a set of hard-copy textbooks in the classroom for student use as well.
Students will be learning about early North American history this year (though we will start the year with a unit on Careers). In general, the units are as follows :
- Native Americans
- European Exploration of the Americas
- Colonial America
- Road to Revolution
- Revolutionary War
- Creating the Constitution
- The US Constitution (Three branches of government and Bill of Rights)
- Early and Modern Political Parties
- Early and Modern Foreign Policy
- US Expansion West
- Antebellum North and South
- Road to the Civil War
- Civil War
While learning about the above topics, students will be learning/practicing/mastering the following skills/topics :
- Fact and Opinion
- Primary and Secondary Sources
- Bias
- Research Skills
- Essay-Writing Skills