About Me

I'm sure we're going to learn a TON about each other this year, but here are just a few things about me to get us started: 
  • I love making lists.
  • This is my sixth year in Medford and I love being part of this community!
  • I teach on team 8-2, language arts and social studies. 
  • I completed my bachelor's and master's degrees at The College of New Jersey. 
  • I completed my doctorate in educational psychology at California Coast University  
  • I went back to school because I love learning. I believe that teachers are always students. Sometimes we learn from books and sometimes we learn from our students, but we are always learning and growing, just like you. 
  • I teach yoga when I'm not at school.
  • I have two dogs: Echo & Hunter. They are absolutely perfect. 
  • Some other things I love (besides lists):
    • Baking
    • Hiking
    • Rock climbing
    • Mountain biking (but not accidentally crashing) 
    • Weightlifting 
    • Yoga
    • Going to the beach 
    • Reading, reading, reading
    • Painting 
    • Teaching & my students 
I am so excited to get to know each and everyone one of you this year! 
Dr. Conboy