In preparation for high school, most of this year’s academic and social responsibility will fall on the student’s shoulders.  All important dates (tests, quizzes, labs, projects, homework, etc.) will be written on the board in class, on Google Classroom, and posted on the Daily Log below.  You are expected to write these dates down at all times in your agenda.

The expectation is that all assignments will be handed in on time.  Late assignments may not receive full credit.  Homework that is graded on effort alone (return of materials/ permission slips, assignments meant to practice skills/concepts, etc.) will not receive credit if submitted late.  Assignments will be deducted one letter grade per day late (up to five days) from the Accountability portion of that particular grade.  Students are responsible for notifying Ms DeHaan via email or a comment within Google Classroom indicating the assignment has been submitted.

If you should miss class, please check the Daily Log.