Students will receive two grades, an Achievement grade and an Accountability grade.

The Achievement grade demonstrates the student’s mastery of science knowledge and skills and will be broken down as such:


50% Major Assessments - Test,  performance assessments, projects, etc.

30% Minor Assessments - Quizzes, quick checks*, graded assignments*, investigations*, etc.

20% Daily Assessments - investigations*, data  analysis, quick checks*, lab performance, etc.

*dependent upon the extensiveness and nature of the investigation

The Accountability grade demonstrates the student’s ability to meet the requirements of the assignment, submit work on time, etc. and will be broken down as follows:


50% At Home Learning -  Assignments that are graded on effort and completion only.  These are introductions to new topics, completion of vocabulary, reinforcement of concepts, etc.

50% Preparation and Participation - Class preparedness, overall class/group participation, journal checks, timely completion of assignments that also have an Achievement component, etc.

As Accountability is the responsibility of the student, many of these assignments will not receive full credit if submitted late.  These assignments will be deducted one letter grade per day late (up to 5 days).