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Sending Hope Club

Sending Hope Club (Thursdays) - 
(we will be running 2 separate clubs if the numbers are high for sign ups - 6th grade and a 7/8th grade club. If numbers are low, we will combine the 2 clubs, please make sure to select the correct club when signing up)
Sending Hope is a community service club dedicated to spreading hope, compassion, and kindness to those who need it most. Students in Sending Hope will spend time organizing and running fundraisers, helping with hands-on community service projects, and traveling to off-campus locations to volunteer with our community. Our past service projects have included making PB&J sandwiches for those experiencing homelessness, chemo care bags, raising money for Australia during the forest fires, and visiting food pantries, animal shelters, preschools, and nursing homes.
All field trips will be held after school; they will require permission slips and pick up from the off-site location. Field trips are not mandatory and notification will be given prior. Community service hours can be obtained through field trips and club meetings.
Sending Hope will be held at Memorial (with the exception of field trip days) on Thursdays in Memorial's LGI. Students with a late bus pass may take the late bus home at 3:10 or get picked up by a parent. If Sending Hope is canceled, parents and guardians will be notified via email.
Advisors – Dr. Conboy (7th/8th) & Mrs. Massaro (6th)
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