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Let's Get Crafty Club

Let’s Get Crafty (Thursdays) -

Students will meet to get crafty!  Do you like to make friendship bracelets, do you like to use melty beads, do you like to make collages?  This is a time for you to be creative.  I have crafts that I have gathered over the years or you can bring your own crafts to create.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!  


The first meeting of Let’s Get Crafty  will be held when late buses begin and will meet every Thursday throughout the session.   If a  club meeting needs to be canceled or rescheduled, I will let everyone know by e-mail and announcements as soon as possible.


Students may  have a late bus pass to take the late bus home (it can be purchased online). Students may also be picked up at Haines.


Ms. Simmons  [email protected]