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Chess Club

Chess Club (Wednesdays)
Students will meet to play the game of chess. Students will have the opportunity to play matches and meet others interested in the game. Beginners are welcome, but no formal chess course will be provided.
The first meeting of the Chess Club will be held on Wednesday, September 27th in Room 107 at Memorial School from 2 to 3 pm. and the last meeting will be on Wednesday, December 13th.
We will not meet on half days or on days before a break such as Teacher's Convention. If chess club meetings need to be canceled or rescheduled, I will let everyone know by announcements as soon as practicable.

Students must have a late bus pass to take the late bus home (it can be purchased online). Students may also be picked up at Memorial by the cafeteria.

- Dr. Reed [email protected]
- Mr. Karwacki [email protected]

609-654-7707 ext. 8385 (Reed) or 8107 (Karwacki)