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Film Club

Our final meeting will be this Wednesday, March 20, when we will finish watching the 1989 classic "Field of Dreams"!
Film Club -  Wednesdays
Students will meet to watch and discuss "classic" movies. The choice of movies will be determined partially by student interest and students will watch the movies over the course of 1-2 club meetings. Students may bring their own snacks. If a club meeting needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, we will let everyone know by e-mail and announcements as soon as practicable.

Students must have their own transportation home. For the first meeting, Haines students will gather first at Haines and then be escorted to Room 102 at Memorial. Thereafter, Haines students are expected to come to Memorial for meetings by themselves. Memorial students should report to Room 102 after dismissal on club dates.

Advisors -
Mrs. Brittany Lare
609-654-7707 Ext. 8218
Room 18
[email protected]

Ms. Danielle Lake
609-654-7707 Ext 8102
Room 102