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Thank you very much for choosing to participate in the Spikeball Club for Trimester 3. We will be meeting on Thursdays in the Haines School Gym.

The following are the meeting dates for Spikeball:
Session 1: Thursday, 4/11
Session 2: Thursday, 4/18
Session 3: Thursday, 4/25
Session 4: Thursday, 5/2
Session 5: Thursday, 5/9
Session 6: Thursday, 5/16
Session 7: Thursday, 5/23
Session 8: Thursday, 5/30
Session 9: Thursday, 6/6
Session 10: Thursday, 6/11
Important information regarding participation in Spikeball is listed below:
1. We will meet at 2:15 p.m. in the Haines School Gym
2. We will end at 3:05 p.m. Students are to wait for a ride home in front of the Memorial cafeteria or the front of Hanes School. For Memorial pickup, parents are to wait in the first parking lot to the left as you enter Memorial from Mill Street.   Students may also take the late bus home if they have a late bus pass.
3. Students must be present for at least half of the school day in order to participate that day.
4. Appropriate behavior is expected. First offense is a warning. Second offense will result in the termination of participation.
Any questions feel free to contact us.
Ms. Gordon – (609) 654-7707 ext 8212
Ms. Caton – (609) 654-4056 ext 8504